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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snowball Singing Time

This is one of the kids favorite singing times during the year!  Several years ago, I started this tradition to do every last Sunday of the year.  I give each child a piece of paper, then I ask them to write their favorite song on it with their name.  (Teachers help the little ones).  I then have them all at crinkle the paper into a ball.  I explain to them they now have a snowball and they are going to try to hit the target, ME!  They love this!  I work them so hard all year I like to tell them this is their chance to get back at me. Ha.  So on the count of 3, I stand in front and they can throw their snowballs at me! I then pick a snowball up, and open it up to see what song we will sing.  The Junior love it when I tell them I have to put my gloves on to pick them up because after all they are snowballs, and snowballs are cold!  I keep all the snowballs that we don't get to use in a bag, and we will pull them out and use them for a couple of months, or at least until the snow melts!

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