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Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Nativity Song

I absolutely love this song.  The music is so beautiful and I love how it tells the whole story.  I tuaght this for the first time this year.  It seems there is so little time to do the songs you want.  This year I decided to make sure I taught this song though.  Our program wasn't till the end of November, so it really limited our time for Christmas songs.  I thought this book was a good way to teach it since it is a story.  I am going to go over the song and then I will have the children either act it out, or put up the pieces of the nativity as we go along.
It always depends upon time.  Dressing the children up does take much longer, but boy do they love it!  If I am in a time crunch, which happens more than I like, then I will just have them put the pieces of the nativity up as we sing the song. It is a long song, but is absolutely beautiful and well worth the time to teach.

Here is my book that I made.  If you don't want to make your own book then you can make a flip chart off this web site:

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