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Saturday, October 20, 2012

"Billy Bubblegum Singing"

 This is another activity that I use right before the program to practice our songs.  Last week I told the kids I would bring a friend next week.  One of the children said, "I hope it is bubblegum guy"!  They love this!  I made this poster and put a hole where his mouth is.
Then I put a pink balloon, I usually use a 9" balloon, and put it through the hole.  I then have a teacher come up and they get to blow up the balloon according to how well the children are singing.    The balloon gets bigger as the children sing.  If they mess up on words while singing, the balloon deflates some.
The idea is to get the balloon (bubblegum) as big as possible.  The children LOVE watching and will sing their hearts out for this.

If they sing amazing, I have had teachers actually blow it up so big that it "Popped"!  It makes a loud bang, but the kids love it.  You don't actually have to let it pop though if you have little ones that might be scared by the noise.  Senior primary seems to really love it though.  It's fun to have the teachers participate by blowing the balloons. This is one the children will want to do every year!

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