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Monday, October 8, 2012

"Choose The Right"

This years theme of "Choose The Right" has been a wonderful reminder to children of how important our decisions that we make are.  I loved that we were able to learn the song this year.  When I introduced this song this year I had made each of them a choose the right stick.  Whenever they heard the word "right", they were to hold the stick up.  After using the sticks a few times, I decided to have them sign the letters "CTR" with their hands.  I had them sign the letter C, which is your hand shaped like a C, then I had them sign the letter T, which is your thumb between your index and middle fingers, and then I had them sign the letter R, which is your index and middle finger crossed. So every time we sing choose the right, they sign the letters with it.

Another fun idea I did with the children for this song, was an adaptation of 'Musical Chairs".  I put the chairs in a circle and had all the children sit down, teachers too, I don't let them not participate.Then every time we sang the word "right", everyone would move to the chair to the right of them.  This was a lot of fun and by the end of the singing time, they knew the song pretty good!

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