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Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Purrrfect Singing"

Today I decided to do something for Halloween for singing time since Stake Conference is the Sunday before Halloween this year.  I called it "Purrrfect Singing".  I have these cute wooden cutouts that you stick into pumpkins.  I bought them at a boutique years ago.  I told the kids that I wanted them to be purrfect singers today and if they weren't, they would be monster singers.  I pulled out my wood cutouts of the cat and I also have one of a Frankenstein.  The idea is to have them sing good enough to earn a cat piece to put into the pumpkin.  If it wasn't purrfect then they had to put in a frankenstein piece. I used both sides of the pumpkin, or you could use two pumpkins.  On the front side we put the cat pieces on and on the back side we put the frankenstein pieces on.  After each song we would decide with the help of the primary presidency what piece it earned.  Needless to say, they were able to finish the cat before the frankenstein! Yeah!  When we were all done I held the pumpkin up and told them that they were "Purrrfect Singers".  I then turned the pumpkin around and they could see the Frankenstein that said "Happy Halloween".  The children seriously loved this and it is another one of those ideas where you can use things that you may already have around the house.
You can see from the bottom photo that I had them on both sides of the pumpkin!

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