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Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Hide and Seek"

The children in primary could play this game every Sunday and never be tired of it.  It is the singing version of hot and cold.  I like to bring a gospel principle into my teaching as much as I can, so I use a sheep as the object to be found.  I tell the children that the sheep is lost and needs to be found.  Just as Christ would like us to find his lost sheep!  I have one child hide the sheep and another child will seek for it.  I send the seeker out of the room while the other child hides the sheep.  The children then guide the seeker to the lost sheep by singing louder and softer.  Louder when they are close and softer when they are far away.  They are so excited when they find it.  Just like we should be excited as we find those who have strayed and help them come unto the Shepherd, Christ!
You can use any picture of a sheep.  I thought this one was cute.
This is the one that I actually use.  I have several of them.

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