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Friday, October 5, 2012

"Conference Singing Time"

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir always sings at least one or two primary songs during conference. I encourage the children to pay close attention to the music during conference and listen for the primary songs.  The following Sunday, I will ask the children to tell what primary songs were sung.  Sometimes I will throw a Tootsie Roll to the ones who can name the songs.

A fun idea for conference time is to help the children recognize the first presidency and the apostles.  In our primary room we have a picture of all the apostles posted up on the chalk board.  A fun idea is to have a matching game with their name and picture, or even play a bingo type game.  You can see if they can make a match and if they do they can sing the song the way they want to, but it if they can't then you have them sing  the song your way.  Or they can choose a favorite song to sing.  Be creative, but the idea is to help them recognize these amazing men.

Check out this fun web site below for activities and stories about the first presidency and the apostles!

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