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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Pictionary Singing"

This is one of my favorite backup singing times when I need a quick idea that doesn't take a lot of preparation.  I have a white board that I keep in the primary closet, and the library has dry erase markers.   I can use this in several ways.  I can either have them draw a picture of a song that we are going to learn, a scripture story, an object that depicts a gospel principle, etc.  For example, when we learned about the prophets one month, I had them draw pictures of different prophets and when we were learning about miracles, I had them draw a picture of a miracle (like parting the red sea etc.)  I write down what they are to draw and put them in a paper bag.  I then have a child come up and pick out of the bag.  While we are singing the chosen song, the child has to draw the picture. When the song is over, I have them show their "Picasso" as I call it.  The children then try to guess what the picture depicts.  Whoever guesses right then gets to draw the next picture.  It is so much fun to see what they draw, especially Junior Primary.  They never get tired of this one!

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