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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"Fortune Cookie Singing"

I thought of this idea using fortune cookies.  Who doesn't like breaking open a fortune cookie and finding their fortune inside!  I thought is would be fun to put different ways to sing inside of the cookies.  Here is what I thought would be fun:
"You will sing amazing if you stand up" Have the children stand to sing, or use the stand and sit signs
""You will make someone happy today"  Sing If Your Happy and you Know It.
"You will be a good leader"  Have the child lead the song, or lead them in Do As I'm Doing
"If you Choose the Right you will be happy"  Sing Choose The Right
"Something sweet is coming your way!"  Have the children sing for a tootsie roll
"You were created in the image of God"  Sing I Am A Child of God
"If you seek, you will find what you are looking for"  Play Hide and Seek during the song
A mission could be in your future" Sing I Hope They Call Me on a Mission, or We'll Bring The World His Truth
Be creative and make up your own fortunes!
Buy the fortune cookies and find the ones that you can easily slip the fortunes out of and then replace them carefully back into the cookie. If you are real ambitious, you could even make your own!

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