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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Thanksgiving Singing"

I made this poster several years ago.  I made the feathers so they could be pulled off.  I tell the children that we are going to pluck the feathers off our turkey for singing time today.  On the back of the feathers I put the name of the song to sing, or how to sing the song.  I also have written something that the children have to say they are thankful for.  For example, "I am thankful for____"
Or, it may say "tell someone in the room why you are thankful for them".  Then we sing the song.   I like to add an element of surprise and one of the feathers may say "sing for a sticker" or "sing for a candy" etc.  Easy and fun!

"Thankful Charades"
Another idea for Thanksgiving that I have done before is to play a game of charades.  In a jar I have different songs that also are things that you can be thankful for.  I choose a child to pick out of the jar and then have them act out the name of the song and the children try to guess what it is.  Whoever guesses gets to do it next after we sing the song. Here are some ideas of songs:
"Scriptures"  sing Scripture Power
"Family"      sing Families Can Be Together Forever
"Food"        sing For Health and Strength
"Earth"        sing My Heavenly Father Loves Me
"Prophets"   sing Follow the Prophet, or Latter Day Prophets
"Temples"   sing I Love To See The Temple
"Baptism"    sing any baptism song
"Prayer"      sing A Child's Prayer
I like to talk about why we should be grateful for these things.  This is a great activity when you need something quick and easy!

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