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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Christmas Handbells

This is one of my favorite things to do at Christmas for singing time.  I have a set of "Kids Play Hand Bells" that I let the children use to play some Christmas songs and primary songs.  I am excited because this year I have added an extension of the set so that we can now do other songs that weren't possible before because of the limited notes we were able to play.  Each hand bell is a different color and also has a number on it.I made posters with the song written by numbers and color.

 I teach the children how to hold the bells and how to ring them.  I emphasize that when they pick up a bell they are to see how quiet they can keep it.  I make sure that each child has a turn to play.  They usually get to do at least 2 songs each.  Last year I had the teachers all come up and take a turn, and the kids actually did a better job then they did! ha.  For the sunbeam age kids I have the presidency help by tapping them on the head when it is their turn.  They however caught on really fast and were ready to ring their bell when it was their turn.
Next year I plan to bring the bells out during the year and just do some primary songs.  These would be a fun addition to your singing supplies.  You can buy them on line from Kids Play.  I also pulled them out for our extended family Christmas party and the kids loved it.


  1. Hey. I have a question. So you use the "Add-On Handbells" too? I'm trying to get some for our primary but I don't want to buy a set, thinking I have it covered to find out I don't. The music sheets you have has 8 notes, but is that included the add-on handbells?

  2. I know its been awhile since you posted this so here goes a long shot :), is there any way you could tell me the keys to your numbers? i have a set of kids bells that i'm desperately trying to find something like this so do at church but they are so old that there is no books for them any more and my numbers don't match the colors you have on here. so i you can just tell what your 8 bells are with colors i can modify it for my bells thanks

  3. Hey I am confused with the away In the manger. What are the lyrics after the 4th row? Thanks (love these by the way!!)

  4. AWESOME!! Thanks a million bunches!! 8-)